Tradeo Review

Tradeo Review

The Internet has changed each feature of life more so with the social oriented group of people. What the other persons do not know is that the supremacy of group information has been known to help the investors from the start of their money making market. Tradeo is a platform that is into social trading. The website will enable you to know more about trading and how you can copy trade of the others who have been in the trading world for some time now. This provides newbies with the best way to improve their trading style and to also learn some techniques that they can use. wants to be the Facebook or Twitter of the financial markets and they want to provide the capacity to build the forex trading social of the traders. They can do this by just connecting with the friends and with additional traders from anywhere in the world. You can actually learn more in an effective manner, enjoy and have fun by getting sustenance than you can by by hand. Tradeo provides you with a forum as a venue to tackle some ideas and to also connect with the other traders. This can help you learn from them and know more about the rise and fall of traders. If trading will be socially persuading, it will be a good place to start trading. On the other hand, it doesn’t have a lot of features compared to the others like the capacity to do auto copying of the trades and trade based on the moves of the links.


Tradeo is the very first social platform of its kind. It provides the user with an interface that is just close to Twitter or Facebook where you can have your public feeds that you and the other people can post and share private messages or chat online. All of the trades may be posted to the wall in just a few seconds and then you can also read their comments instantly. You can also get a support group, so regardless if this is your first time, you can still do trading without having a hard time.

Tradeo also gives an up to date market info and a thorough analysis of your very own or someone else’s accounts. They also have charts and so do with quotes in more than fifty thousand market tools that are all in line and candlestick charts. They will soon add some more indicators as they improve their features. The news feed features are also powerful and well defined. It enables you to configure what you want to know and the sources where you want to gather the information. Their economic calendar is just one of the best feature that they have at the moment. Though you can find some in every forex broker, this site enables you to filter some of the events depending on their importance and urgency.

Customer support

More so, Tradeo is a highly developed platform, it provides the investors with an access to a 24-hour customer support service. The staff might be reached through a telephone call, live chat or through email as well. The staff may also be called at any time if there are complains, queries and disputes that must be resolved right away. They can also be of help if someone is in need of their assistance especially the newbies.