ThinkForex Review

Thinkforex bonus ThinkForex is an ECN Forex broker based in New Zealand. The company provides competitive trading conditions, scalping capabilities, and quick execution. Financial Service Providers (FSP) and Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCLP) regulate ThinkForex. If you read Thinkforex review you will see that this company provides safe trading opportunities to the traders from all over the world. The traders can achieve trading network of a low latency and the possibility to hold unlimited open positions.

General details
Opened in: 2010
Highest leverage: 1:400
Lowest deposit: $500
Lowest deal size: 1000 units
Languages: Chinese, English

Trading Platform
ThinkForex provides many options of the MetaTrader 4 platform, which enables Forex traders with distinctive platform fondness to have the opportunity to find the platform that perfectly fits their trading manner. A standard MT4 platform is available to be downloaded. In addition to this, a traditional version is also available for the traders, as well as the MT4 for mobile phones, the web-based version, and the multi-account management (MAM) version. The trader can also select SpeedTrader Pro or SpeedTrader platform. The Mirror Trader is yet another option for those who prefer to reproduce trades from professional Forex traders. The MT4 platform provides with an option for expert advisor that is suitable for the traders who like manual trades more.
ThinkForex review started with testing MT4 platform, which is one of the most popular platforms in the world, and the option of downloading. It is important to note that the execution was quick and everything functioned appropriately.
Then we continued to test the platform. The SpeedTrader was surprisingly functional although it took some time to process, which is not the same as with the MT4 platform. However, something is limiting the platform and it can be improved in time. The SpeedTrader platform has only four languages available: Japanese, Russian, English, and Chinese, unlike the MT4 that is available in over 20 languages. Besides that, the customization options and the trade speed of the platform is what we find impressing.
SpeedTrader platform offers two tab levels that prevent the clutter on the screen and keep the traders arranged. Not every option is opened in a distinctive window, which gives the traders an opportunity to analyse different details and views at once. It also allows minimizing windows that are unnecessary but are accessible when needed. In addition, the platform execution was also greeting. Using the SpeedTrader platform was a very pleasant experience that we have ever practiced throughout the ThinkForex review.

Apart from the ThinkForex standard features like scalping, the ability to trade metals and spot Forex, hedging, and variable spreads starting from 0.1 pip, there are other unique features that we discovered. Firstly, what impressed us is the fact that the brokerage handles its spreads by associating with the best tier 1 liquidity providers, which is able to support fixed rating at any time. The brokerage also offered the MirrorTrader integration, which can be useful to those who desire to trade with the help of experienced traders in the platform.
ThinkForex provides the users with video tutorials. These are organised into distinct segments so the traders can choose the necessary ones rather than spend time on the ones they do not need.
Many traders consider execution with only one click excessively valued but we respect the possibility. The SpeedTrader platform allows this type of execution.
In addition, many users opt for a downloadable platform, but we prefer the choice for a web-based platform. With this kind of platform, on the go trading is widespread. ThinkForex’s VPS system is also popular for the traders who want to access their information distantly with the highest security level.
Customer Service
Customer support team of this company is among the most useful we have tested lately. FAQ section is very comprehensive and organized and their live support team is pleasant and easily obtainable. Chat test proved that you do not have to wait long to get a response on both technical and general problems.
ThinkForex company provides customer support five days a week through the email and phone. There is also an emergency phone line available 24 hours a day. You can reach the ThinkForex on local numbers in Brazil, Japan, Spain, UK, Malaysia, and Australia.

How to use Thinkforex trading platform?
When signing up into the MetaTrader4 platform, a technical problem occurred. We contact the chat team and the problem was quickly solved. The biggest issue was deciding between the familiar MT4 platform and the SpeedTrader platform, which was a challenge to us. The MT4 Webtrader does not offer a demo so we were a bit disappointed, but several brokers provide this.
Thinkforex live account review

Throughout our ThinkForex review, we consider the website is very organized and user-friendly. All necessary and important information is available so you do not have to waste your time to find what you need. The most important thing is that the brokerage advertised the registration numbers and regulation. A Google map is included to find the company’s basis with an ease. We got the feeling that the company has nothing to hide and it is crucial thing when considering investing funds with a brokerage.
Thinkforex demo account review:

At the end, ThinkForex supports multiple currencies like USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, and CHF. Transactions are available through wire transfer, credit card, Moneybookers/ Skrill and AlertPay. PayPal is not currently available.