Pepperstone new Forex broker from Australia

Pepperstone is a comparatively new Forex broker from Australia. This broker is operated under the sponsorship from CDM Pacific. The site as designed by the broker may appear as a contradiction against the trading thrill as offered by this particular trade platform. Forex broker Pepperstone has many things in its store as a standardized Forex trade partner and also as a registered ECN broker. The details regarding Pepperstone are provided below:
Regular Information
Establishment Year: 2010
Head Office: Melbourne, Australia
Extreme leverage Limit: 200:1
Minimum Credit: $200
Minimum size of the deal: 1,000 lots
Available Languages: English (MT4 trade platform provides the users with as many as 25 language alternatives)
Regulated by: ASIC

pepperstone banner

Platform for trading

The foundation of Pepperstone trading platform is based on MetaTrader, a leader in the Forexz operations. Pepperstone offer the users with options of both MT4 and MT5 trade bases along with iPhone and other standardized mobile based trading option. The company demands to have an excessively low latent channel and the MT4 technology is further developed from the other traders in the platform. The incorporation of the latest technology allows the trader to stand apart from eminent brokers. As an example, AvaFX uses the similar trade platforms. We will happily include this point in the review.

We thought as a result of smart trading function, that the trade operation will be done quite fast. But then to our amazement we realized there is an interim period lying between the implementation and validation time. Though this time is merely of 3 seconds, still it appears pretty longer to us as we expected instant results. We are contended with the fact that the process is completed without any demands of re-quotes quite unlike of the other Forex traders.

Another noteworthy factor regarding the service of Pepperstone is it bears same amount in the demo accounts, quite similar to those of the demo accounts. Thus people who are experimenting out the service of the broker will be left with no difficulty while trying their hands out here. Another surprising fact is that the account meant for demonstration only offers the users with access of $5,000 compared to the other Forex trading partners that offer the users with a balance limit of $100,000. This amount is though good enough for practice purposes. It is more than enough for the users.

Pepperstone, as enlisted among other ECN registered Forex brokers offer the users with many features that may be lacking in several experts operating in the field. In case of beginners, ECN accounts of the company need to have a minimum deposit amount of $200. Various other Forex operators like FxPro requires a minimum deposit amount of $1000.

Pepperstone, the desk broker offers the users with options of trading that involves 22 pairs of currency and advises rom the expert and veterans active in this field over the years. Also the trader is offered with lowest spread. The variable spread begins from 0.5 pips with the potential of scalping. There is no doubt about the fact that Pepperstone offers the users with trading conditions much improved than that of other. The reason of low spread is due to its connection with 22 banks.

Only disadvantage may be the lack of trading options apart from MetaTrader. It may not be preferred by some of the traders. But anyone who is eager to trade in the MetaTrader trade platform will love the service.

Service related to Customer Satisfaction
Pepperstone unlike other Forex brokers, don’t offer their users with many contact numbers as available in different countries. It certainly offers some other advantages that are missing in others. In case of beginners, Pepperstone offer their users with Skype contact option free of cost. Thus traders will be able to contact easily. Online email option is also available and different mail addresses against the various departments are provided in the website. This is meant for proper delivery of queries in right addresses. For testing, we send them a query and got answer from them in 25 minutes.

In order to process the review we engaged into a conversation with one of the representatives for many times. We are extremely satisfied with the swift, obliging and well behaved answers.
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Easy Operations

Forex trading is not at all an easy task. If it is easy people will never end with losing money in the process. Pepperstone offers both traders with easy options to create their account and also to carry forward with trade schemes in a successful manner. The registration format is only two pages and comprises of the following steps that include scan, fax and mail two identification forms. As per the security measure and regulation policy, the trader cannot begin without confirming the identification. It can delay the process a bit late but then it is meant for the security of Forex dealer and that of the trader.

Supply funds in your trade account through transference of wire and credit cards. You can directly transfer money in your accounts from other reputed dealers like FXDD and Alpari. In future the company decides to have provisions to accept BPAY and PayPal.

You can withdraw money easily. Though it takes two days’ time still the process is quite easy. You need to submit a form for withdrawing money and need to wait for 2 days.

Pepperstone does not provide users with excess Forex details unlike other brokers. But the information provided by them is sufficient for an experienced player in this field. It offers with two weekly analysis details in the format of forms. The brokers who are looking forward to learn the detail processing of the principles need to check them out somewhere else. (Sections of Forex Trading Basics do have news for the users).

About support again:
Employees from Pepperstone are experienced lot and offer the customers with a live chat provision. Compared to others, they are best considered to be new company. Still the management team offers the customers with competitive rates and their business expand covers Asia with new offices. The technological details include iPad, Android based trading app and iPhone.


Pepperstone is enlisted as the 23rd organization in the fastest company development list as prepared by BRW Magazine organized “Fast Starters” in the year 2012. It is also recorded as the best ECN trader in Asia in the year 2012. It also receives the award for Best Intelligent Platform as organized by

Razor account from Pepperstone in the year 2011 is recorded by Anthill Magazine as one among SMART 100.