In this article we will see several important goals:
Learn MetaTrader 4 platform.See all tools of MT4 platform.
MetaTrader 4 vs. MetaTrader 5
Which platform to use ?
Learn advantages of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platform. See MT4 vs. Mt5 infographics.
Compare MetaTrader 5 added functionality and MetaTrader 4 simplicity.

MetaQuotes is a software development agency that is famous for the development of its project MetaTrader. It was not until 2005 that the company gained admiration in their own field and especially in the eyes of the trader community. Now what happened in 2005 is that they released MetaTrader version 4 in that year. MetaTrader 4 served as a real game changer for MetaQuotes, it was put in the same stack of versions with the same niche of activities, but the quality and product centricity were increased exponentially. MetaTrader was spread like fire in the jungle. The stockbrokers really helped in creating this ripple effect of product marketing when they started to spread the news about the software and started distributing it in their customers. The clients are satisfied with the performance and calculations. The news spreaders and the marketing agencies also spread the word about the accuracy of MetaTrader 4, and thus it became more popular. During the time of 2007 to 2010, MetaTrader went very viral in the trading community.
As for the computer applications, the technological advancements and the updates and upgrades are to be done very fast. Otherwise, you are obsolete. New algorithms, faster systems, and new development languages. Therefore, MetaQuotes did the same and changed the technology all over when they released the fifth version of MetaTrader 5. They have their own set of high-level language for doing so which is known as MQL in short.

Learn MetaTrader 4 platform

Meta Trader is based on the server-client model, which means that there will be higher control to one entity than the other. The computer techies often mention it as the king slave relationship too. Here the Kings are the kings of stock. Traders offer real timelines and curves on the basis of the some real up to date data, and they do it with the help of MetaTrader, of course. The servers of MetaTrader are managed and looked up by the expert brokers at trading. They make sure that no one is intervening their data and that their information related to stock is as accurate as possible. Then they provide their client’s side services to their clients. The client’s request offers and puts orders to the server side, which after approval gets resolved. The requests can be like viewing charts, buying, and selling.

MetaTrader Dashboard example

Meta Traders is free of cost computer application. You can get it from MetaQuotes site. Many stockbrokers also offer the download link of this application for Mac and Windows separately. The brokers really do believe in the accuracy of this software that is why they trust it so much that they want their own set of consumers to completely and tension freely, rely on MetaTrader 4. MetaTrader suffices for the needs of any newbie or an old bee that is looking for a tool that can help him/her keep an eye on the world’s stock market.

Have a look at what is provided in MetaTrader 4:
As a business person, it is important that you are able to look at the bigger picture of the real-time happenings. Rather than getting detailed data and numbers, what you need to make a decision is the pictorial representations or insights. This is specifically important in the world that we are living today, where everything is happening in real time, owing to the constant connectivity through the internet. These insights or analytics will be a great help in decision making, whether you have a major corporation to handle or small business to run. MetaTrader 4 provides the brokers with a great set of analytical senses, which was not available to them so readily before. It provides you with barometers that can help you pick the right stock, rather than investing in the wrong place. The data visualizations are interactive which makes them a real deal breaker. Interactivity can help you perform operations on them very quickly.

The multi-interface functionality offers you to deal with many transactions using one account. All this saves you the time and energy, which you would otherwise be spending on managing these transactions from different accounts. The interfaces have been developed with the background consistency so if you have any familiarity with MetaTrader and prior knowledge of using them. You will definitely have a free hand on the new versions. You will get the instruction through the interface as the screen itself is guiding enough and will present a smooth glide to the broker for performing any transactions. Life for brokers has become very easy and manageable with this software. This has been a much-awaited move towards automating the work for brokers and allowing them to conduct all their transactions from one position.

Replicate signals and trades from other brokers

This is like copying business models from other successful people. You see someone’s model being very successful, and you make it an institution to follow. The difference is that you will be doing it digitally. Now what you have to do is that you have to select what business entity do you find successful or up to your mark. You have to select them in the software, and the software will automatically replicate their practices, well you do have to subscribe them to let them know that you are their followers. Download the complete manual for a greater set of instructions.

The market for MetaTrader

We know that all the built-in functionality is not really customized and that you want more items that match your booking sense. Therefore, MetaTrader provides you with an online digital technical market place where you can get business plugins tailored to your needs. Having customizable plugins for your business is an ideal situation. The user will be able to have thousands of robot and barometers or what they say: technical indicators that can help you with your business practices. You do not even have to surrender your own platform for a minute. You can integrate them with being in your own place.

Experts in the Field:

In the MetaTrader terms, they are called Expert Advisors. The Gurus are the main sizzler of this software. Because having an entity that can provide you with technologically checked and field related insight is awesome and naturally makes the software really trusted. You would never have been able to do various things that are now such as easy task. You can create your own EA. In other words, MetaTrader also offers you a great opportunity to provide and develop for the community. Create the logic and attach them to your graphs. It’s that simple.
Notifications and news around the corporate world

Every professional software provides you with a trial period that is limited for a time. However, with MetaTrader, the demo time is unlimited. You can be pinged with notifications of your own activities and of the signals, you have subscribed to. In addition, you can get news about the corporate world. So now, you don’t have to keep Twitter in one hand and your business software in other, you can deal with both of them on one single platform. You will get email notifications after logging into the platform. It’s an option that you can undo whenever you want to. You can customize your notification panel according to your needs. You can set priorities on what you want to see first and what you want to ignore.

Metatrader User manual

Following are the guidelines of how to use MetaTrader. You will be welcomed by the same home page. Now what you have to do is listed in order down below:
You will see a long list of buttons namely M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, and MN. They are actually different charts that you can select from. M stands for a minute, H stands for hours, D for day, W for week, and M is short for the month.
The magnifying glasses are to zoom in and out of the displayed charts without varying the period. If you see the left of the magnifying glass shaped icon, you will see the three data visualization modes. These are the Bar Charts, and Line Charts, and Japanese Candlestick Charts.
Again, on the left, you will find the standard drawing tools. These will include:
• Vertical line
• Horizontal line
• Trend line
• Price channel
• Fibonacci retracement
• Image labels
metaTrader lines

To customize or tailor it to your need, your trading, right click on the chat window and you will be given a number of options.
You can initiate a trade position by taking your mouse pointer at ‘trading.’ Either that or, select the ‘new order’ button from the options above the graph. Click ‘One Click Trading’ and Buy/Sell buttons and they will be added to your chart in the top left. You can then automatically open trades at calculated estimations.

Indicators in MetaTrader

These basic functions can also be executed out in the MetaTrader 4 portable mobile and tablet offerings. So that you can now do anything and everything on the go. You don’t have to be stuck to your desktops at all times anymore. You can just have MetaTrader 4 on any of your handheld devices and just manage everything.

MetaTrader Tips and tricks:
Let’s tell you a few tips and tricks that can help you master MetaTrader:
• Save the Chart
You can star the specific chart groups you want to see later and add them to your list
• Identify the specific time and price values:
This is also called the crosshair mode. You can choose what particular item was buying and selling you wants to see while requesting a query.
• Visualize trends
Trend analysis is an important thing when it comes to real-time decision making. The MetaTrader can provide you with trend visualization in the form of line graphs that will help the stockbrokers to see what times are in their favor and what are not. The lines can be drawn with drag and drop method that was introduced so everybody can access the insights MetaTrader offers.

Advantages of MetaTrader 4:
Following are some of the software functionalities and technological benefits that MetaTrader gives on the other systems already present.
• Usability
In terms of using the software, MetaTrader is easy to use and user-friendly. It has a gliding behavior. The interface has the ability to automatically teach the user to use it.
• Fast computing
MetaTrader has fast computing. It is a light software that does not overload the system and let every computation take place in time and accurately. It prevents the system from hanging up.
• EAs
As mentioned before the guru advice that you can build your self is a plus feature of MetaTrader.
• Reachability
It is accessible by many modern technologies.
• Synchronizing power
It has many modes of running. There are two market orders, four pending orders plus two stop orders and a trailing stop.
• Open-ended
It is compatible with many operating systems. Actually, all that is present and famous names, Windows 7-10, IOS and Linux.
• Available on Android and iOS
It can be downloaded on handheld devices and mobile Personal digital assistants.

MetaTrader 5< In the legacy of version 4, another technologically advanced version of MetaTrader is also available in the market now. It is a software that provides brokers and traders with a set of advanced features, which can help them in broking and trading. Visualizations that can help them in taking important decisions, news, and alerts from around the world in real time. So that the traders don’t miss the chance of getting any opportunity. What’s new? The predictive analysis techniques are used in the new system as per the need of the modern sciences and technology. The predictive behavior can assist the broker in what to buy and what to sell. What to let out and what to keep. It can indicate the costs increase or decrease over time. It can get intelligent on the basis of the pattern of purchases and specifications you will feed. You will also have the facility to get news and alerts from around the world. All the compatible devices include almost every device because Meta Trader is now available for Macintosh operating systems, Linux, and windows. You can download it directly from their site or else many traders as mentioned before can provide you with many links to download the fifth version of MetaTrader. The download links often are accompanied with a series of instruction to install and run it on your own PC. It not. The MetaQuotes have their own instruction manual with the link. Just like the last version of the software, the fifth one is also free of cost. The MetaTrader can be downloaded now in any handheld device too as it is available on Android and iOS app stores. You can take your business anywhere now, as it is the total replica of the desktop device. You can specifically perform the following activities: Send the remaining orders and transactions Specify what brings loss to you and prevent that from happening again Achieve profits
The graph interactivity is also present here you can send your orders through any visualization by sending them directly by the tap of your finger. With that, of course, you can also have assistance in the 30 built-in barometers (indicators) and 24 objects of insight.
Intelligent Trading:
The EAs present at MetaTrader enable to make the peeps able to have automated algorithms that will provide insights on the market and provide trend analysis on what to purchase and what to sell. You will set your specifications, and the software will learn those feeds in the matter of some time. It will then be able to tell whether a certain criterion is met or not, according to your specified needs. This will be equivalent to developing a trading bot. It also provides as mentioned before some development technologies. It provides the following details in its new Integrated Development Environment:
C++ programming language like MQL5 language, they all have been developed in MQL 5
Meta Editor
Strategy Tester complete with a click support
Programming Language Reference which entails all language structures
Just like the fourth version, you can buy barometers from the market. You can buy tutorials and instruction manuals on how to wisely and efficiently use this software. Additionally, you can buy tailored to your needs plugins that can help you with this software even well. You will be able to see the news feeds and data charts.
The strategy tester has optimization capabilities. You can put many optimal numbers and test its capability. The optimization techniques and robotic intelligence require a lot of programming and execution of many functions, which can make this, tool a lot heavier than real. To take care of this situation, generic algorithms have been used.

Some added functionality
Overall, the MetaTrader 5 package is wide-ranging. You will be able to observe up to 100 charts, with 21 time-frames, ranging from 1-minute to 1-month. In addition, you get 80 MetaTrader 5 indicators that include:
• Volume indicators
• Volatility indicators
• Pivot points indicators
• Time zones indicators
• Buy/sell signal indicators
• Android custom indicators
Also, there is the option to buy more, from services such as Code Base.
You also get a cutting-edge Market Wisdom feature with MetaTrader 5, which has a tick chart, plus Times & Sales information. Market scanners too are available, meaning you can rapidly detect latent prospects.
The user will be able to own a discrete accounting of orders and trades; you can also have the backing of all types of trading orders and running modes.
The two accounting modes are as follows:
• Netting – Adopted on exchange markets
• Hedging – Used trading
On the rare chance that you need to test the stage, you can utilize an online MetaTrader 5 demo record effortlessly. These training test system accounts enable you to test diverse monetary markets and be acquainted with the exchanging stage. Various distinctive agents offer this administration, or you can generally make a beeline for the official site.
Be that as it may, you should make sure to consider exchanging charges when you move up to a live record as a benefit factor. Likewise, a few specialists may require a base store just as having diverse standards around influence and edge levels.

Customer support:

On the off chance that your MetaTrader programming has quit working, acquiring help is generally direct. Because of it being such a prevalent stage, most agents will offer specialized help, through live talk and phone. They ought to most likely help you with language programming and offer solutions for when the stage isn’t reacting or refreshing. Client administration ought to likewise have the capacity to enable you to check your work area meets specialized prerequisites. You can likewise swing to dynamic exchanging networks for help. Because of worldwide ubiquity, you will discover a lot of experienced client’s voice assessments on pointers that are ideal, easy route keys, default layouts, backtesting instructional exercises, and then some. Just get your mouse pointer at web journals and discussions. Then again, you can discover manuals as books and digital books. Along these lines, if in any way, shape or form your stage isn’t working, support is only a couple of snaps and taps away.

Mt4 vs mt5 comparation

Today, MT4 and MT5 have broad documentation, codebase, and articles bolstered by the designer and its worldwide network of clients, making it a perfect answer for retail and expert merchants to discover the assets they have to make algorithmic exchanging frameworks or complete manual exchanging and even social duplicate exchanging. A key impetus was the designer made the MetaQuotes Language (MQL) sentence structure to enable software engineers to make computerized contents and exchanging frameworks. The exclusive MQL language – both MQL4 and MQL5 – empowered the development of an auxiliary commercial center upheld by software engineers who made custom contents, including utilities, libraries, pointers, and mechanized exchanging techniques known as Expert Advisors (EAs). This biological community keeps on developing. On the off chance that it is an issue of MetaTrader 4 or 5, at that point there isn’t a lot to isolate them. In spite of the fact that MT5 is showcased as unquestionably further developed, as a general rule, you simply advantage from all the more graphing frameworks and top to bottom explanatory instruments.

mt4 vs mt5 infographics

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On-screen Objects:
A toolbar
The toolbar as in any software has a lot of icons that provide with the main and important functions of the system
Charts are the data visualizations done on the basis of business data.
Line studies
This will provide a trend analysis in the form of data visualization. You can draw them manually on your charts too. You can select the following icon + to select the exact prices and trends.
The timeframe for your MT4 chart is from 1-minute (M1) to monthly (MN) can be set in this functionality. The mainly used ones will most likely be 4 Hours (H4), Daily (D1), and Weekly (W1).

Market watch window
It will show all the present functionalities and available icons.

Navigator window
The “Navigator” window jots down all MT4 accounts you have with the broker, indicators or barometers, expert advisors and scripts. With this platform easily select an indicator or expert advisor (EAs) from the list and drag it to the chart to execute. At the bottom of the window, you can access your favorite indicators or EAs on the “Favorite” tab.

MetaTrader Terminal window

The most common window is the terminal window as it is the main window. It demonstrates a rundown of every single vacant position and pending requests that you have in the market under the “Exchange” tab. Extra data incorporate the time and cost at which you have opened the position, the extent of the position, image, stop-misfortune, and take-benefit levels just as commissions or swaps if there are any (normally on the off chance that you hold a position medium-term). On the correct side, the all-out benefit/loss of the position appears.

At the base of the window (surrounded in red), you will likewise locate some different tabs, of which the most imperative is “Record History.” Here you will discover all your record history like past open positions, their benefit/misfortune, and any stores and withdrawals that you have made.
Installation and set up:
Log in with your older MT4 details that you were sent on email while signing up for MetaTrader. Click on the Demo button if you don’t have a live account. Then click next. You will be approached to enter the login subtleties (check your email), and that is it! Your MetaTrader 4 exchanging stage is good to go up. The following screen capture indicates how the principle UI in the MT4 stage resembles. Your “Diagram window” will probably be dark and green and jumbled with an assortment of markers, however you can (on the off chance that you need to perceive exactly like me) effectively change that by a right-tapping on the graph – > Properties – > and pick “Dark On White” from the “shading plan” drop-down menu, and change the Grid shading to “None”. As you are as of now mindful, anyone can be a hero of unadulterated value activity exchanging and don’t utilize any of the markers. Without flaw click on a marker and select “Expel” (if obviously, you need to see the business sectors the manner in which anyone can observe).
Main user interface:
The main items on the screen will be:
1) Toolbar
2) Market watch
3) Navigator
4) Terminal
5) Charts window

Main functions:
At the top of the window, you will see the “Toolbars” window. There are a total of four toolbars that have nearly all you will want while expert in trading.
The “Market Watch” window on the upper left-hand side of the screen. In this window you’ll be able to see all the provided tools for trading from your stock agent, with instantaneous bids and ask for rates. You can open new charts from the “Market Watch” window.

Right at the bottom the “Market Watch” is the “Navigator” window. Here you will find a list of open MT4 accounts, expert advisors (gurus or bots), indicators, and scripts. When you talk about real use, in application this window will not be used that much, as for price-action trading all we need is an untainted, clean chart.
The “Terminal” window is at the bottom of the window and has plenty of functions where you will be able to see trades, news, account history, alerts, internal mail, codes, and MT4 expert advisor logs. Inside the “Trade” tab you’ll be able to see all your open adverts in the market, as well as incomplete or awaiting orders if you have any. One important tab is the “Account History” tab. Here you will find the history of all achieved trade operations and balance (both deposits and withdrawals), excluding current open positions. It is also possible to run a detailed report from the “Account History” tab (right-click inside the tab and choose “Save as Detailed Report”).
At last, the “Chart window” will show the open charts and takes the most space on the screen.

The final statement

Summarizing what has been said before, it is concluded by saying that MetaTrader is the provider of great automated trading tools. It is really easy to set the software up. Setting up exchange orders is without bothering, while Candlestick, Heiken Ashi, and Renko outlines are anything but difficult to arrange and alter. In addition, master counselors and computerized administrations by means of contents are easy to use. At last, the industry standard MetaTrader 4 exchanging stage ought to most likely serve dealers of all experience levels. In any case, for those set on mind-boggling, propelled procedures, the MetaTrader 5 stage might be the course to go down.