Interesting financial research articles from Oxford Journals

In our latest research we used a lot of science articles. We can suggest you to read this excellent Oxford Journals articles:

In journal Review of Financial Studies we found two articles: Exchange Rates, Equity Prices, and Capital Flows by author Harald Hau (Article is published October 28, 2005)) and Asset Prices and Exchange Rates buy author Anna Pavlova (January 29, 2007).
Harald Hau is describing equilibrium model in which foreign exchange rates,capital flows and stock prices are jointly determined under incomplete foreign exchange (forex) risk trading. On the other side author Anna Pavlova shows model that generates a rich set of implications on how stock and forex markets and bonds co-move.

In Journal of Financial Econometrics we read excellent research paper The Impact of Central Bank FX Interventions on Currency Components by authors Michel Beine, Charles S. Bos and Sébastien Laurent. This research shows the impact of official foreign exchange market interventions of the three major world central banks in terms of the dynamics of the currency components of the major exchange rates over the period 1989–2003.

This articles can help a lot in forex analysis.
Thank you!