Avatrade Review

Forex broker AVATrade Review

AvaTrade was formerly branded as AvaFx which was recognized in year 2006, it is victorious Forex brokers newly underwent the rebranding work out to emerge like a fresh entity know as AvaTrade. This rebranding work out was made in reply to ever changing situations of financial markets. Now, the AvaTrade presents more than only brokerage services for their client in the Forex market. As we can see from Avatrade review, the existing product range in AvaTrade have prolonged tremendously to comprise other modules of the financial tools such as Indices like Dow Jones & Standard and Poor indices and stocks and commodities. With their functional/operational centre, Dublin (Ireland) AvaTrade expect to capture much of businesses of online fiscal brokerage with the end of rebranding work out.

Get 50% Avatrade forex bonus
Do not look far for the best broker because Ava trade is the way to go. You will get the opportunity opening a real account or a demo account. The good part about trading with Ava trade is that you will be given bonuses up to $5000.If you deposit account with $1000 you can get $500 bonus. You will be able to run your free demo account for 21 days. Ava trade has their main office in Ireland and offices around the world. It has been authorized by EU.

It has won several awards since 2009. Since its rebranding to Ava FX; it has improved on the services that it offers to traders. This is in terms of product they offer and their functionality. Beginners and professionals alike can use this forex trade without any problems. New traders have the opportunity of getting bonuses.

If you are new Ava trade, then there is a step that you have to follow to get the $ 5,000 bonus on your first deposit. This is a good start as it will equip you with the skills you require to trade in a real account. The first step is to download the Ava trader; you can choose any platform because there is a wide variety available. The next step is to open a trading account; you can choose to open a free demo account t or a real account but moat preferable you should open a real account. It will only take you a few minutes to get your account up and running. Once the account is ready; it is now time to deposit funds into your account.

Trading Platforms
Changes which AvaForex had underwent to become the AvaTrade isn’t only skin deep. It as well included incorporation of latest features into offering of the trading platforms. Now, the traders have an option of eight major kinds of trading podium/platforms to select from.

The Ava software is web based and will only require you to have a fast internet connection. If you have an iPhone, android device or ipad you can trade on your mobile phone. There are also auto trading platform such as the currensee, mirror trader and Zulu trade. Automated trading will save you time because you can easily start without any experience in trading. However, manual trading is faster and will enable traders to get the experience they need. Automatic trading, on the other hand, will require the trader to be confident because lack of this will reflect in their trade.
There are three platforms available for auto trading. With the help of the educational tool kit, traders will be able to learn of the basics of forex as well as definitions. Investors also have the opportunity of learning more about the factors that influence trading. There are also webinar courses at the disposal of traders. Educational resources include: audio commentaries, economic calendar, economic analysis and live market news. All these make Ava the preferred forex trader. It is easy to work with them and there are several options available for you choose.

Automated Trading
Comprises the systems of automated trading like Zulu Trade, MirrorTrader, Currensee and Ayondo. The software of auto-trading as well permits the traders to imitate the trades of the experienced traders yet the trading position is unattended.

(A) AVAOptions
The latest trading platform of Ava Trade which combined the power and flexibility of Fore Options with the Forex Spot allowing the traders to increase their income.

(B) AvaTrader
A completely customizable proprietary platform of trading which features advanced the charting fed with the numerous live updates feed.

(C) Mac Trading
Modified specially for the Mac computers, Mac trading platform lets traders approach to all main markets while the operating at fastest implementation time.

(D) MetaTrader 4
The standard platform of the industry for Forex market. It is equipped with complete range of instruments, MetaTrade 4 is yet flexible sufficient beginner to operate it.

(E) Mobile Trading
The complete featured cell/mobile trading podium/platforms set the control of MetaTrader and AvaTrader right into your hand’s palm.

(F) MetaTrade4 Floating Spreads
By the MetaTrade 4 platform of Floating Spread, the traders have the whole control of MetaTrade 4 podium/platform with added advantage of less spreads got directly from interbank market.

(G) Web Trading
This platform permits the traders to like and enjoy the advantage of internet devoid of being fixed to home computer.

Additional Features
The additional features to set of the rebranding work out include some additional services such as:

• Market Analysis
• Links to the news about Forex market
• News Feeds as of Twitter
• Real Time/Era Charts

By means of such additional services, the traders are now have much extra time to focus on their activities of trading before spending era researching for efficient and updated information regarding the market.

Trading Account Types
Now AvaTrade has separated their types of trading account into five different types:

1. Demo Account
This account let the beginner traders the advantage of checking out trading platform with the $100,000 essential money.

2. AvaTrade
Modified to convene to the needs of general clientele, the AvaTrade is now further alienated with three different sub groups each with set of benefits and requirements.

• Silver – (Mini. Deposit is Dollar 100)
• Gold – (Mini. Deposit Dollar1,000)
• Platinum – (Mini. Deposit is Dollar10,000)

3. AvaSelect
This is for those traders who’re able for making the solitary deposit of Dollar 100,000 or else traded with the volume of total trading that exceeding $100 million. The membership to exclusive club of AvaSelect is just done on quarterly basis.

4. Commission/Spreads
The AvaTrade does’nt charge commissions in industry standard. However, the clients are trustful for the small spread/commission which ranges between three to seven pips.

5. Customer Service
The AvaTrade is one of complete support system around in customer support. Their website supports the multiple languages, such as:

• English
• Chinese
• Arabic
• Dutch
• French
• Japanese
• German
• Italian
• Portuguese
• Spanish
• Russian

The traders may contact with support group through:

• By email by filling the available contact form on website
• Live Chat
• Telephone (more than thirty local telephone numbers different countries to contact)

The AvaTrade is well aware that how vital it’s to have the may trading account channels funding made obtainable to their customers. The trades now may finance trading accounts via:

• Moneybookers
• Paypal
• Credit/Debit cards
• Wire Transfer
• Web Money
• Western Union

Apart from above mentioned ways, the traders as well have an option of using Debit Card of AvaTrade that assists to accelerate the process of withdrawal.
There are several deposit options to choose such as web money, fast bank transfer, MasterCard and visa. Now, it is time to get to work, you will receive the bonus immediately and you can start making money right way. When it comes to the bonus there are a number of things that you have to put into consideration. The first thing that you have to keep in mind is that you will require a real account and not a demo account. This is because you will have to invest money to be able to get the bonus but you also have the opportunity of practicing for free.

The other consideration when it comes to the bonus is with regards to Egypt, Pakistan and Vietnam. Residents from these countries are required to do a wire transfer to be able to access the bonus. The amount of bonus that you get will largely depend on the amount of money that you have deposited. You can use $100 to start trading. If you open a silver account, then you will get a bonus of $ 50. A gold account will require you to deposit $ 1000; this will see you receive a bonus of $ 200.You will go direct to platinum if you make a deposit of $ 10,000.

Having the platinum account will give you a bonus of $ 1200. Depositing $ 100,000 will see you enjoy the Ava select status and getting a bonus of $ 5000. The $ 5000 bonus will require you to have a trading volume of 10,000 for every bonus. Floating spreads account will not receive a bonus on their deposits.

In case you do not want to open a real account right away, you have the option of opening a demo account where you will be able to enjoy $ 100,000 for 21 days. This will a good training ground and once you opt for the real account you will become a professional trader. Beginners can make use of the training kit and news feed to perfect their skills. The rebranding of Ava has led to addition of trading platforms and now they are eight in number. One of these platforms is the Ava software. You can download these platforms for free. In case you do not want to download a platform, then you can settle for the web based ones.

To recap, few of the main benefits of ahead of AvaTrade include:

• Complete Educational Resources
• Free Demonstration Account
• Attractive Promotion & Bonuses Offered
• Dealing with the famous & reliable broker
• Trading Tools of full range
• Market Review Provided
• Low Spreads
• Multiple Options for Trading Platforms
• Less Mini. Deposit – $100
• Reliable & Stable Trading Platforms

In fact, it’s quite hard to identify any lack in the AvaTrade. The guys of Ava have completed to get something really good already as well as get better to make this even best.

There’s no doubt about that the AvaFores re-emergence like AvaTrade isn’t merely a publicity stunt but a work out to really get better the quality of services. To large extent, the AvaTrade have done well into the league of its personal. If there’s ever FX brokers to think engaging, it’s broker to choose.